More people are getting abortions, new study says. This Arizona lawmaker is going to have one too.

MSN  20th Mar 2024

The mother of two boys — who said that 12 years of being a nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health and mental health informed her decision — also revealed that she and her husband had a nonviable pregnancy that ended in abortion in 2022 while she was campaigning for her current seat.

“Right now, the safest and most appropriate treatment for me — and the treatment that I choose — is abortion. But the laws this legislature has passed has interfered with my ability to do that,” she said, adding that legislative bodies do not have the right to assign a “one-size-fits-all script” in people’s reproductive lives.

The year 2022 was the same one in which Arizona Republicans banned abortions after 15 weeks. Burch expressed that her experiences as a provider and a patient — including enduring an unwanted transvaginal ultrasound now required under Arizona law — led her to believe the state’s governing body has “failed” Arizonans.

“Arizonans deserve freedom and liberty to make those decisions for themselves,” Burch said on the Senate floor. “I will never try to force anyone to have an abortion; nobody should ever try to prevent me from having mine.”

Burch also said that while people should not have to justify their decision to terminate a pregnancy, her choice to share her abortion decision should serve as an avenue to “meaningful” discussions “about the reality of how the work that we do in this body impacts people in the real world.”