Florida Daughter Makes Over Parent's Bedroom as a Surprise While They’re On a Trip


Florida Daughter Makes Over Parent's Bedroom as a Surprise While They’re On a Trip

What a sweet gesture! Home makeovers and renovations are such a fun and interesting, but often extensive, project to start. And, in our opinion,

bedrooms can be one of the most important rooms to make your own. Just picture how much time you spend in your bedroom; now imagine if it wasn’t a place that brought you comfort or looked like how you wanted it to!

That is precisely why one sweet daughter decided to surprise her vacationing parents with a dream bedroom makeover, and the results are awe-inspiring!

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Camilla is the daughter in question, and we have to give her major props for cleaning out and renovating her parent’s bedroom while they were on vacation to visit family in Cuba. We aren’t sure we’d be brave enough to clean out our parent’s bedroom, just in case we found anything ‘unusual.’

Now, Camilla says that in the thirteen years of living in the house, her parents have painted and updated almost every room except for their own. So, with a bit of help from a friend, Camilla got down and dirty, taking everything out of the room, including the heavy mattress, the shoes and clutter beneath, and all the assorted clothes.

We aren’t sure if we could have pulled off this makeover in the three days that Camilla had, which is another reason why we have to give some serious appreciation to her dedication and love for her parents. At the end of the video she’s got the entire room cleaned up and the walls prepped, and we will keep an eye out to see what the final result looks like!

Now, can we get someone to do the same thing for us?